Time series animations

Experimenting with time series animations in Qgis and the Time Manager plugin

Posted by Johnnie on June 2, 2017

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A couple of days ago I saw this animation by @tjukanov. Each points represents the arrival time to that location if you were to depart from Pasila station, Helsinki at 17:00 on an average workday.

I asked him how he did it and he pointed me to the dataset he used and that the tools involved were Qgis and the Time Manager plugin.

The dataset turned out to be really well documented and open. A combination that made it really easy to get up and running with it. I really wish to see more open data sources follwing this example.

My remake

My take

Might have pushed the explosion angle to far.


Next up is trying it out with my own data.

My initial thoughts were also to do the visualisation in the browser with Tangram, I’ll have to try that out some time.